Her Passion

She lives on a sprawling bush property in Perth’s outer fringes. The vast blue skies, distinct Australian light and the region’s landscapes all inspire her work.

Zuhal’s passion for nature began as a young girl in Turkey, where she spent summers on her family’s enchanting hazelnut farm. As an adult, her interest in animals led her to become a veterinary surgeon and later, an animal science lecturer. Her involvement with creatures great and small continues today. She’s the delighted owner of an alpaca farm in Perth’s Swan Valley and keeps her own silkworms.

Zuhal reinvented herself as an artist in 2004 when she rediscovered her childhood love of art and began to train professionally in London and Australia. Combining meticulous craftsmanship with rich designs, Zuhal’s bespoke textiles are usually based on social justice themes, particularly relating to violence against women.

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