It’s always exciting when your works starts getting fans overseas! I’m thrilled to say that Atelier Zuhal was recently accepted to feature at TrendSet, a fantastic consumer lifestyle fair in Munich.

Held twice a year and presenting more than 1,000 exhibitors – mostly European manufacturers, importers and commercial agents of international businesses – this bustling fair was an eye-opener for me in terms of what’s hot around the world right now.

Best of all, the visitors and buyers loved my pieces (I brought along some recent pieces I’ve done with eco-dyed eucalyptus leaves printed on handmade alpaca and merino textiles).

Living up to the German reputation, TrendSet was an extremely well organised event. It was so exciting to see a sea of sustainable, hand made, hand crafted works from artisans and small businesses from all around the world – everything from traditional to modern.

During the show, I met Harald Maier an Austrian exhibitor who produces unique felted handbags (or ‘couture’) for computers. Check out this special label on

We immediately decided to collaborate, with me providing hand made alpaca textiles for his handbags, which will then accompany my Green Embassy collection all the way to London Fashion Week!

All in all, I’m happily (and crazily) busy creating Atelier Zuhal textiles – just to keep up with the fast-growing Green Embassy label. Stay tuned!


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