On April 2013 at the Hillary’s Harbour Yatch Club, Atelier Zuhal begins a new journey in fashion with her first couture collection Night In The Bush.

Night In The Bush emphasizes form of life, regeneration, texture, mystery, the seductive environment of the bush, placed in the hearth of the woman who encompasses all of these qualities.

“This is my woman to dress. A woman gives life, continually regenerates, is mysterious and shines seductively in her own right.” Atelier Zuhal

Night In The Bush also gives birth to a new direction in eco and ethical fashion. GOTS and NASAA certified and hand crafted organic Alpaca and Merino fibre is fused and created into artful couture, enveloping the woman’s body creating an elegant and sophisticated silhouette.

Every purchase of a Night In The Bush couture dress is an investment in art, fashion, the environment, oneself and one’s family. Atelier Zuhal is first and foremost an Artist designing a couture range where each dress is an individual canvas. Entirely bio-degradable and ethically made in a spirit that embodies the woman your dress can be handed from generation to generation.

Atelier Zuhal welcomes you to enquire.


Certified Organic